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Twitter Spaces – Nuclear Energy Industry Discussion – Featuring Mark Nelson – June 22, 2022

Tom welcomes a exciting guest who introduced himself in the last Twitter Spaces, Mark Nelson. Mark has a very interesting perspective on the nuclear energy industry and is an advocate for the it’s benefits. He explains why the cost of uranium has a minimal impact on the cost of operating a reactor. We take a deep dive into why nuclear energy has not been fully embraced in the west in recent years. The political, social, and economic reasons why building nuclear plants has become increasingly difficult. We take several listener questions.

Guest Links:

Mark Nelson is Managing Director at Radiant Energy Fund. He has discussed nuclear safety in Ukraine in television appearances with CNBC and Bloomberg, among others, and has contributed to articles on the same topic from Bloomberg and the BBC. His analytical work on clean energy and nuclear power has been cited in Reuters, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and other papers of record internationally. He holds an MPhil in Nuclear Engineering from Cambridge University, and BS degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and a BA in Russian Language and Literature from Oklahoma State University. Previously he worked as Senior Analyst at Environmental Progress in Berkeley, California, with previous stops at the Breakthrough Institute in Oakland, California and Los Alamos National Laboratories in New Mexico.

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