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Gianni Kovacevic: Rare Earths on Verge of Exploding

Tom welcomes Gianni Kovacevic back to the show. He discusses his educational and entertaining novel, “My Electrician Drives a Porsche?”, and why there is a coming energy pivot.

Gianni outlines the changing oil markets compared with copper and gold. Most copper production comes from just two Latin American countries, and there are few good alternatives. Copper appears to be diverging from its historic patterns, and the number of electric vehicles on the road will only increase regardless of consumer demand. The world will continue to use more copper, and he discusses a recent 60-page report on copper from Bernstein Research. That report makes a compelling case for the metal. He says, “Running out of a commodity does not matter until it matters, and then it matters a lot.”

Gianni discusses the uses for helium and why its increasingly finding uses in the technology sector. However, US strategic reserves are now depleted, and prices have gone up massively.

Lastly, he gives us his thoughts on lithium and why he expects to see a thousand percent demand increase over the coming years. He talks about a couple of interesting plays in both helium and lithium.

Time Stamp References:
0:50 – Tesla battery day and his book.
3:50 – Copper and decoupling ratios.
5:20 – Copper supply/demand and engineering.
6:45 – Comparing copper to other commodities.
8:30 – Copper demand, miles driven, and electrification.
10:40 – Copper and the world economy.
12:15 – China and excess copper stock worldwide.
16:25 – Bernstein copper report.
18:10 – Copper picture going forward.
21:20 – Copper vs. gold projects.
23:20 – What to look for in copper projects.
25:45 – Helium supply and it’s uses.
28:50 – Demand picture for lithium.
32:00 – Rare earth elements.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The global energy pivot.
  • Contrasting oil with other metals.
  • The big picture for copper.
  • Thoughts on helium, lithium, and rare earths.

Gianni is an investor, author, and futurist who has enlightened audiences worldwide with his unique brand of storytelling. Drawing from over two decades of research, he is frequently interviewed by the media and is known for its colorful way of decoding complicated modern themes. A graduate of electrical studies from The British Columbia Institute of Technology, Gianni is an expert in analyzing global energy, and he is a sought-after keynote speaker. He empowers audiences into appreciating the impact technology and renewable energy are having on every aspect of society. His recently published book, “My Electrician Drives a Porsche?”, was launched by way of a one-of-a-kind journey across America in an all-electric Tesla, now credited as the world’s first zero-emission book tour. Fluent in English, German, Italian, and Croatian, he makes his home in Vancouver.

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