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Chloe Kettell & Partha Ray: Protecting Assets for the 3D Creative Space and Beyond

Chloe and Partha discuss Polyport and how they are set to change the landscape in the digital asset protection business dramatically. They are bringing NSA grade security to the digital asset industry. Their product is one where data can protect itself wherever it travels. This technology will help companies build and secure their digital products around the world.

Digital assets are becoming increasingly valuable, and much of the world is now based on 3D models. These assets contain a lot of information that took considerable effort to produce. They are intellectual property and are high-value targets for theft.

Partha does a live demonstration of how they can protect a 3D digital asset file. The creator of the asset can send a file and later grant or deny access to that file. This system works by utilizing a special kernel-level driver that interacts just above the hardware layer in Windows. This system allows Polycorp to control access via metadata to assets while maintaining encryption, security, and allowing for monitoring of how that asset is used.

This approach is far more secure and easier than other methods. Unlike other asset security methods, they can control and revoke access to assets at a later date, and their system actively monitors for security issues. Unlike many competitors, they are able to revoke permissions to derivative works of an asset.

They are currently focused on media and entertainment, architecture, engineering, and construction. Although, there are multiple other markets and regions where this software could be deployed.

Time Stamp References:
1:00 – Intro to Polyport
3:00 – Live tech demonstration
8:00 – Demo opening secure asset
9:50 – Granting permissions
12:00 – Dashboard security system
16:00 – Questions and answer session

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• NSA grade security for digital assets.
• Their initial focus is on the 3D digital assets market.
• The approach relies on a kernel level driver.
• They have a sentinel watcher that monitors the end user.
• Polyport’s method includes protection of derivative works.

Chloe Kettell is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Polyport. She is an experienced entrepreneur in her second start-up venture. With a strong discipline in getting things done, a skill developed in her service as a United States Marine, she is a master of time management, executing tasks, and leading others. Her achiever mindset and passion for Poly Port’s mission is contagious, developed from nearly a decade in sales, which is evident in multiple awards. She led PolyPort team’s win for two consecutive years at SXSW for Privacy and Security, won the National Association of Broadcaster’s Pilot Pitch Award, and has received recognition in Forbes and top industry publications. The University of Maryland graduate’s typical day is engaging, leading, pitching, or promoting. If you are lucky, you might catch her on the slopes, doing some Olympic lifting, playing Settlers of Catan, or doing a jig at a local music shows – all in her ‘spare’ time.

Partha Ray is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Polyport. Partha is a leading computer forensics expert with nearly two decades of experience in data forensics and eDiscovery. A serial entrepreneur, Partha founded Modus and grew the eDiscovery and forensics company into a multi-million-dollar business enterprise. He brings tremendous entrepreneurial experience to PolyPort, along with tons of remarkable credentials in helping a variety of companies in creating forensic services divisions, hiring, training, and performing significant data collections. In his spare time, he strikes a chord as a brilliant musician, including producing tracks for Selena Gomez.

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