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Scott Bennett: Tracking Big Fund Flows & Capturing Gains with Rules-Based Investing

Tom welcomes Scott Bennett to the show. Scott is the founder of Invest with Rules, a research newsletter that focuses on using rules and trends to make investment decisions. He previously worked at Fidelity Investments for 16 years and was inspired by the 2008 financial crisis to develop strategies to avoid losses.

Scott believes that many large investment companies lack a plan for when to stay invested and when to sell, and that risk tolerance should be determined based on an individual’s financial situation. He follows a rule-based trading strategy that allows him to adapt to changing markets and focuses on managing risk through defined entry and exit points.

Scott uses a chart analysis system to inform his trading decisions, looking for signals such as gas, coast, and break and assessing trends in different asset classes. He aims to avoid significant drawdowns and takes profits by trimming positions when they have risen significantly. Scott also analyzes the energy complex, Bitcoin, gold, and silver to identify trends and investment opportunities.

Timestamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:38 – Scott’s Background
3:20 – Large Funds
6:32 – Rates & New Paradigms
11:45 – Flows & Process
14:18 – Trends & Bottoms
17:48 – Buy & Sell Rules
20:52 – Trimming Positions?
21:30 – Presentation & Charts
23:44 – Timeframes & S&P500
32:40 – Energy Complex
35:39 – Bond Trends
36:43 – Gold, Funds & Miners
41:46 – Billion Dollar Funds
43:43 – Coinbase
46:00 – Position Sizing
48:43 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Scott’s system focuses on price movement, trends, and momentum to identify and execute optimal investment opportunities.
  • The importance of entry and exit strategies based on risk tolerance and adjusting stop loss positions accordingly.
  • His system looks at monthly data from large funds to track trends and execute trades with the goal of outperforming the S&P 500 by 21%.

Guest Links:

Scott Bennett is the founder of INVEST with RULES, a platform dedicated to helping investors discover stocks that are being bought by billion-dollar fund managers. With over 16 years of experience at Fidelity Investments, one of the world’s largest asset management firms, Scott has developed a deep understanding of the investment landscape.

Throughout his career, Scott struggled with the same challenges faced by many investors – knowing which stocks to buy, when to stay invested, and when to sell. However, a transformative moment occurred during a dinner with a $200 billion fund manager, where Scott realized the impact of these managers’ buy decisions on stock prices. This revelation sparked a relentless pursuit to analyze and understand the trades of billion-dollar fund managers.

Scott’s research led him to a breakthrough, enabling him to track over a trillion dollars of fund manager buys. He recognized that by identifying stocks consistently being bought by these influential managers, he could uncover opportunities with the potential for significant value growth. This discovery changed Scott’s approach to investing and became the foundation of his INVEST with RULES platform.

Now, Scott’s mission is to empower investors by providing them with the insights and confidence to invest without anxiety and fear. He believes that understanding the buy decisions of billion-dollar fund managers is crucial before making any investment. Through his platform, Scott aims to unlock incredible performance for investors who are willing to follow these rules.

With a passion for helping individuals achieve financial success, Scott continues to analyze billion-dollar fund manager trades, uncovering opportunities that can potentially transform investors’ portfolios.

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