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Thom Calandra: Precious Metals, Uranium & Other Key Commodities to Watch

Thom Calandra invests along side his audience and subscribers largely in natural resource companies. Blue chip stocks are overpriced in Thom’s opinion and the sector where true value can still be found is in mining and energy stocks. The recent small rebound has renewed interest and increased appetite for risk, but will it continue?

The stock and bond markets are way overvalued in all jurisdictions while most mining stocks are still way undervalued. This means good things for commodity investors, but gold in particular is likely to outperform. Platinum, coal, graphite and tungsten are also all cheap at the moment.

Them discusses a few of his favorite picks, including a new gold producer in Mexico, Canarc Resources.
Canarc’s operations in Mexico are looking very good with some rich deposits of gold and silver. Mega Uranium is also looking like a sound investment, and has substantial holdings in NexGen, acting as a proxy for investors not yet positioned.

Talking points from this week’s interview:

• The influence of Canadian currency
• Swiss Franc and US dollar losing value
• Many mining shares well undervalued
• It can be a lot of fun to make money, so get positioned!

Thom Calandra (born June 8, 1956, in Brooklyn, New York) is an American journalist, stock investor, and the former editor-in-chief and chief commentator for CBS MarketWatch from 1996 to January 2004. Calandra writes for a number of other publications including the revived ‘The Calandra Report’ for which he is is writer, editor, researcher, speaker and investor. He is co-founder of Calandra’s StockWatch, The Calandra Report, and Ticker Trax via Stockhouse.

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