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Edward Kelly: Gold Ore Processing in Peru

This week, we speak with Edward Kelly, an expert on gold ore processing and toll milling in Peru.

Edward talks about mining in Peru, a country that has a unique and abundant small scale mining sector. According to the Peruvian government, there are over 77,000 small scale mines.

Edward points out that Peru has evolved tremendously over the last couple decades, where foreign investment has been flowing into the country. He points out that much of this money has gone into large scale mining, but little has focused on the smaller scale mining. That is where Edward has focused his attention with his company, Inca One Resources.

Dynacor was the first mover into Peru in the gold ore processing space. Edward discusses that Dynacor’s stock has been up about 500% over the past three years, while the majority of junior gold companies have been on the downtrend. It is Edwards’ contention that Peru offers a unique cash flow opportunity due to the nature of its small scale mining industry. There are over 100,000 small mines in the country and the grades are running very high.

Edward’s company, Inca One Resources, is the second gold ore processor that has moved into Peru and they are already being met with a great deal of success. In fact, the company just announced a $5.5M debt facility to expand to 100 tons per day.

At 100 tons per day, with a half ounce per ton, Inca One projects that it will be producing 18,000 ounces of gold per year. Moving forward, Inca One plans to expand its mill to 250 tons per day, and beyond…

Mr. Kelly is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of management experience in sales, marketing and business development. The majority of Ed’s experience comes in the form of working with private and public companies where he has served as an officer and director of and Dajin Resources. Mr. Kelly has been involved in the public markets since 1989 as an investor, as well as assisting in raising capital for both private and public company ventures. Mr. Kelly is a turn around specialist who has rescued several private ventures in real estate and food. His keen business eye has helped him identify hidden opportunities and then implementing the right strategy to execute.

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