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James West: Investment Strategies for 2015 and Beyond

We’re pleased to bring you a new guest this week, Mr. James West. James is the founder and publisher of The Midas Newsletter, Our host Collin Kettell has met with James, most recently at the PDAC 2015 conference, and it was about time James came on the show. James’ knowledge of global markets and investing is wide and deep, and he isn’t tied to one particular sector when making a recommendation. It was a great joy sitting down with this independent professional.

In this interview with James you’ll discover:

● Why James pulled out of mining equities, and what sectors he has his eyes on right now

● What the Midas Newsletter is all about, and why James gave all his subscribers a refund!

● James’ outlook for 2015 and beyond – Are everyone being mislead by central planners?

● Government caused financial bubbles and economic contraction, will it all end in tears?

● The United States, and how the world’s number one superpower recently got a substantial kick-back from Asia…

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