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David Collum: The Digital World and Rise of Authoritarianism

Tom welcomes back Professor David Collum of Cornell University to the show. Dave takes the gloves off and tells us how he really feels about many topics. The politicization of science is a major concern. of his but he is able to see thru some of these constructed narratives. He says, “It’s difficult to find authorities that you can trust in the present world.”

He is concerned about the path of government and this path may be a foregone conclusion with the arrival of the digital world. The risks seem great of governments exploiting technology.

Once the inflation mindset enters the general population usually due to supply shocks this is when hyperinflation risk begins. Hyperinflation occurs when the population flat-out loses faith in the currency. When they are desperate to get out of cash at any cost.

They discuss the impacts of cryptocurrencies on gold. Also, the market’s transitory beliefs regarding inflation have kept some capital from entering the precious metals space. There are reasons to be concerned about excess leverage in cryptocurrencies.

Dave outlines his thoughts on metals manipulation and believes that many precious metals markets are largely backed by paper promises.

Fossil fuels are here to stay and eventually we will have a boom in nuclear. It’s possible that shortages of energy this winter could drive the public to demand nuclear power.

Dave notes that hardly anyone is even aware of platinum. It’s a commodity that is off almost all investors’ radar.

Many companies today can barely make interest payments on their debts. In this environment, investors should be cautious of companies with large debts and low revenues. Look for companies that are issuing sustainable dividends. He notes that many miners are attractive at these price levels.

Central banks want more tools and custom digital currencies will provide them with additional capabilities. Capabilities to control prices and use negative rates to deplete savings. Dave says, “Central bankers do not believe in rational economics and most are reckless idiots.”

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:59 – Seeing Thru B.S.
2:27 – Crisis of Authority
6:53 – Inflation & Confidence
12:08 – Thoughts on Gold
15:30 – Manipulation & Paper
18:10 – Silver & Uranium
21:47 – Rare Earths?
23:00 – Silver Thoughts
29:02 – Platinum
31:14 – Great Decades & Now
39:00 – Attitude Adjustment
42:50 – P.E. Ratios & Debt
46:40 – Gold Miners as Value
49:40 – Equities & Bonds
55:14 – Understanding China
59:01 – Manchurian President?
1:02:14 – End of Cash & CBDC’s
1:08:49 – Planned Obsolesence
1:13:31 – Audio Books & Podcasts
1:16:35 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The serious issues of politics influencing science.
  • Risks of rising authoritarians in the information age.
  • His thoughts on markets, metals and the miners.
  • Dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Guest Links

David B. Collum is an American Chemist and professor at Cornell University. He currently teaches a graduate Chemistry and Chemical biology course.

He also runs the Collum group, which focuses on how aggregation and solvation dictate the reactivity and selectivity of organolithium compounds commonly used by synthetic chemists in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Ph.D., Columbia University, MA Columbia University, BS Cornell University.

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