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Dev Randhawa: Fission CEO Talks Failed Denison Merger, Chinese Investment and Uranium Outlook 2016

Many investors may not realize it, but uranium was the only commodity that went up in price last year. The uranium price is a pure function of demand and the number of reactors in China is set to reach 38 by the end of this year. The cost of uranium is trivial compared to a reactor’s other running costs, leaving plenty of room for upward movement in the spot price. With the bear market in uranium going on five years, there are very few quality uranium companies still around vying for your investment dollar.

This week, we talk to Dev Randhawa, Founder and CEO of Fission Uranium. Despite harsh market conditions, Dev’s team has created hundreds of millions of dollars of shareholder value through the discovery and development of Patterson Lake South. But the ride has not been without its ups and downs. In this interview, we discuss the failed merger between Denison and Fission Uranium, as well as the more recent investment by Chinese group, CGM Mining Company.

Fission Uranium won an award for having the best mining project in the world, but with the Patterson Lake South Project reaching PEA level, what kind of upside remains for investors?

Talking points from this week’s interview:

• Why the merger with Denison fell through?
• How Fission Uranium has bucked the bearish trend?
• The art of doing deals in a crappy market
• Flash from the past – an article by Ralph Kettell ‘The Other Yellow Metal’ –

Dev Randhawa is an expert in the natural resources and energy markets. He has enjoyed a long and successful track record as a Chairman and CEO. In this capacity he has founded and grown several highly successful junior resource exploration companies. Prior to becoming a C-level executive of mining exploration companies, Dev Randhawa had a successful career as an investment banker. He left to start his own junior mining corporation in 1996 in order to run a company that allowed him to take the long view and build something more lasting. The skills and experience that he acquired as a broker helped him to develop a great understanding of the components that allow a resource company to succeed. A great management team and a great Geo team form the core of his approach and his track record speaks for itself.

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