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Tommy Humphreys: For Investors in this Bull Market, 100 Baggers are Possible

Tommy discusses growing up in Vancouver while being exposed to the financial markets and the junior mining sector through his parents. He started trading tech stocks while still quite young and continues to have an obsession with financial markets. In 2006, he built a successful web development business, and in 2010 decided to enter the Canadian Venture market full-time with CEO.CA, his new company.

He is obsessive and tries to know as much as possible about the market. He looks for deal flow and takes a varied approach to investments. He says, “If you can get into a promising story early and cheap enough, you can be rewarded for the risks you are taking.” Tommy enjoys buying into markets that are hated.

He says, “We are in an uptrend for both gold and silver with the market currently consolidating. Currency wars and zero interest rate policies are positive for the sector with high-grade stories starting to see a bid. We are at the beginning of a positive bull market, but how far it will go remains to be seen.”

He is an avid reader and recommends several books. The first being “Think and Grow Rich” wrote by Napoleon Hill in the late 1930s. He also recommends two books specific to mining, “The Big Score” by Jacquie McNish, which is all about Robert Friedland and “Fleecing the Lamb” by David Cruise, which discusses the beginning of the Vancouver Stock Exchange.

His company CEO.CA is a fast-growing team committed to building investment tools for Canadian Investors. It has a rapidly growing investment community and is an excellent mobile information platform for investors.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – His beginnings in investing.
3:30 – His obsession with the mining markets.
8:30 – Where we are at in this market.
10:40 – Key books that have shaped his perspective.
14:20 – What he is working on today.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Investing in the Canadian Venture Market.
• What to look for in people and investments.
• Outlook for the current bull market.
• Favorite books and authors.

Tommy Humphreys is a Canadian entrepreneur, investor, and writer from Vancouver, Canada. He is the founder of the business publication CEO.CA and an advisor to Cambridge House International. In 2006, Humphreys founded the Pacific Website Co., an award-winning web production firm. Tommy is involved in numerous ventures as an investor or advisor. He has authored articles for Globe and Mail, Financial Post, and others. His work has been recognized by Favorite Website Awards, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

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