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Willem Middelkoop: The Commercial Bank Silver Cabal is Cracking

Tom welcomes Willem Middelkoop, founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund, back to the show.

When you want to understand the world as a whole, you need historical background since it’s hard to judge from experience. Everything in life runs in cycles, and the economy does as well. The most important cycle runs over eighty years, which is why every generation makes the same mistakes. Historians are useful for discovering where you are at in these cycles.

Willem discusses the books he has written, including his previous predictions before the great financial crisis of 2008. As he learned more about the financial system’s construction, he developed a thesis that we are at the dollar end game. This study of monetary history revealed how our economic system is designed and how it could be reset.

His book “The Big Reset,” published in 2013, describes what needs to happen to correct the system. His ideas were still fringe at that time, but last year, everyone became reset focused, and the book made a comeback. He discusses a speech last year by Mark Carney that outlined the need for a dollar replacement and what appears to be a roadmap for the financial system.

Willem argues that bitcoin could be the first evidence of hyperinflation in the monetary system and why he expects it to continue to climb. People will keep saying that it’s overpriced but look at what happened to gold in the Weimar Republic. You can have infinite numbers in assets when there is too much money sloshing around in the world. If you look at small markets like silver this seems entirely possible. He thinks every investor should have five percent bitcoin in their portfolio.

Small market cap miners intrigued him due to their outsized potential, which led him to start the Discover fund. The fund has a system that looks for these opportunities. Also, he has a list of ten metals where he anticipates shortages to develop.

Willem points out that physical industrial demand for palladium in recent years surpassed the paper shorts’ ability to control it. This similar squeeze will happen soon for silver as he believes the bullion banks are trapped and rapidly running out of time.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:47 – Historians & Economics
3:00 – Economic Thesis
8:56 – Bitcoin & Hyperinflation
13:19 – Commodity Fund Thesis
17:47 – Silver & Commercial
20:05 – Spot Vs. Physical
23:40 – Silver Price Discovery
25:34 – True Price For Silver
27:11 – Portfolio Structuring
28:22 – Profit Taking Thoughts
29:56 – Paper Silver Failing
31:05 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • History and economic cycles.
  • Predicting a dollar crisis.
  • The need for a monetary reset.
  • Bitcoins advantages over fiat.

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Willem Middelkoop is the founder of the Commodity Discovery Fund and also an author. He became a well-known personality through his work as a stock market commentator for the Dutch business television channel RTLZ.

Middelkoop predicted the credit crisis’s onset in his book “Als de dollar valt” (If the dollar falls) in 2007. Subsequent publications were “De permanente oliecrisis” (The permanent oil crisis) – 2008, “Overleef de kredietcrisis” (Surviving the credit crisis) – 2009, “Goud en het geheim van geld” (Gold and the secret of money) – 2012, and The Big Reset – 2013. In total, he sold more than 100,000 copies of his books.

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