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Bill Holter: Oil & Copper Decline, Swiss Franc, & Doug Casey is Dead Wrong on Gold Manipulation!

This week, we are joined by a new guest, Bill Holter. Bill is the author of The Holter Report, and has a wide following among precious metals investors. Bill has been interviewed quite a bit lately, and with all the events in the European currency market recently – we thought now would be a perfect time to have Bill on the show. Bill certainly delivered a strong case of why the problems in Europe has yet to manifest themselves fully in the global financial markets.

Tune in to this interview with Bill and learn more about:

● The Swiss central bank’s move away from its peg with the Euro, and what kinds of implications this huge event will have on financial markets

● The decline in oil & copper, and what ramifications lies ahead with these commodities coming off steeply at the same time

● Bill’s take on the current financial system and its inflationary flaws – and why QE 4 is coming down the line

● Why Bill sees big upward price moves coming in gold and silver

● And, why Doug Casey is dead wrong about his views on gold manipulation!

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