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Chris Irons: Could China’s Credit Crunch Spark the Final Meltdown?

Tom welcomes firebrand Chris Irons back to the show to discuss the Fed and the overall status of the financial system.

Chris notes that inflation and the Fed are topics that the media tends to ignore. The two percent inflation target is an arbitrary figure, and it serves as a way for the Fed to steal from consumers without them realizing. Inflation is profoundly detrimental as it continuously lowers one’s purchasing power without them noticing. We should not be raising the debt ceiling as it does nothing to address our bad habits, and address our reckless behavior.

Chris also discusses the recent rating downgrade by Fitch, which signals a troublesome time ahead for U.S. sovereign debt. Government officials are voicing their complaints about the downgrade, but none of them seem to be thinking about fiscal responsibility.

Chris often notices when the signal for a market top or bottom appears, as the mainstream media offers contradicting headlines. Everyone believes the Fed will be successful in controlling inflation while they are oblivious to the potential deleveraging event. Hence, when the investment community aggressively sells off, he sees it as an opportunity to go all in on precious metals.

Turning his attention to China, he remains concerned about increasing tensions around Taiwan. He wonders how the US would respond, given their current financial state.

Lastly, he goes over the various misleading narratives surrounding Covid treatment that have now been debunked.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:33 – Inflation & the Fed
7:43 – Fitch Credit Rating
16:37 – The Confidence Map
20:00 – Michael Burry Puts
23:30 – Bad News is Good
26:40 – The Equity Bull Case
28:00 – Chinese Credit Crunch
34:07 – Collapsing Narratives
49:37 – Analysis & Perspectives
55:30 – Perspectives & Censorship
56:17 – Predictive Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The two percent inflation target set by the Fed is an arbitrary figure used to steal from consumers.
  • The downgrade by Fitch implies a looming economic crisis, but government officials are not addressing fiscal responsibility.
  • The investment community will aggressively sell off when the deleveraging event comes, providing an opportunity to go all in on precious metals.

Guest Links:

Chris Irons is the host of The Quoth The Raven Podcast, a show dedicated to discussing Fringe Finance topics and exploring the boundaries of investment decisions. Irons has spent years reading the news and has developed a strong opinion on the mainstream media’s ability to drive a narrative which serves the interests of a small minority. His focus is to provide content that is rarely found elsewhere and to curate content from people he respects. Irons is not afraid to challenge the mainstream narrative or succumb to it when it serves the collective best interests.

Chris is not providing investment advice and the content on The Quoth The Raven podcast/substack is not meant to be taken as such. Anything mentioned should not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell anything.

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