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Chris Irons: No Soft Landing In Sight, Means Unavoidable Performance in Hard Assets

Tom Bodrovics welcomes back the always forthright Chris Irons. Chris is the host of the Quote the Raven podcast and author of QTR’s Fringe Finance Substack. Irons discusses his perspectives on the current state of the financial markets, addressing the massive global debt and the potential lagging impacts of the rapid rate hikes. Despite previously predicting a market crash, Irons admits that the timing was not correct, and acknowledges the unexpected resilience of the global markets. However, the aftereffects of the significant debt bubble are inevitable and the monetary authorities for underplaying this financial predicament.

Chris examines the concerning U.S. economic policy choices and the country’s worrying $34 trillion debt. He condemns the lack of understanding and oversight by Congress members, and argues that these actions could lead to economic consequences. He also raises questions on the sustainability of the U.S. dollar as the primary world reserve currency.

Discussing investment strategies, Irons discusses the high valuations in tech stocks, an indicator of a distorted economy. Furthermore, he anticipates future market crashes and suggests investing in tangible assets, like gold, silver, and Bitcoin. Irons also forecasts a significant rise in gold prices.

Irons, who once expressed skepticism about Bitcoin, now praises the crypto asset’s resilience. As Bitcoin’s network grows, it becomes stronger and more unhackable, even in the face of potential threats from entities that could ban its use. He predicts further adoption of Bitcoin as part of standard smartphone features and a surge in Bitcoin’s price due to a decline in the dollar’s value and the launch of Bitcoin ETFs.

Irons has his reservations about leaders like Justin Trudeau and Joe Biden, Irons expresses optimism upon seeing libertarian Javier Milei’s election in Argentina and Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele’s high approval rating.

Finally, Chris criticizes U.S liberal policies for perceived negligence regarding issues such as maintenance of cities and border control. He suggests that the U.S could manage these issues better if they chose to do so. With a critical view on President Biden’s performance and suggestion of a preference for Trump, Irons encourages investments in gold, silver mining, real estate, emerging markets, and Bitcoin to sustain through the alleged imminent economic downturn.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:16 – Hikes, Cycles, & Timing
12:46 – Peak Idiocy & Magazine Covers
19:55 – Eventual Inevitable Pivot
22:45 – No Recession in 2024?
30:00 – A New Chapter For Gold
32:39 – Fed Cuts & Gold Reversal?
39:09 – Bitcoin Research & Gold
1:05:22 – Western Leadership Shift?
1:08:22 – Argentina & Adjustment
1:15:14 – Optimism Vs. Reality
1:18:45 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Chris warns of the inevitable aftermath of the significant global debt and criticizes monetary authorities for downplaying it.
  • Despite past skepticism, Irons now praises Bitcoin, anticipating increased adoption and a surge in its price due to declining dollar values.
  • Irons criticizes U.S. liberal policies regarding city maintenance and border control, advocates for diversified investments to sustain a potential economic downturn.

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Chris Irons is the host of The Quoth The Raven Podcast, a show dedicated to discussing Fringe Finance topics and exploring the boundaries of investment decisions. Irons has spent years reading the news and has developed a strong opinion on the mainstream media’s ability to drive a narrative which serves the interests of a small minority. His focus is to provide content that is rarely found elsewhere and to curate content from people he respects. Irons is not afraid to challenge the mainstream narrative or succumb to it when it serves the collective best interests.

Chris is not providing investment advice and the content on The Quoth The Raven podcast/substack is not meant to be taken as such. Anything mentioned should not be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell anything.

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