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Doug Casey: Government Attack On The Middle Class

Tom welcomes back a man who should need no introduction, Doug Casey. Doug is a libertarian philosopher, speculator, and author.

Doug believes mankind remains on the ascent, although there will be bumps along the way. He is critical of metrics like GDP, which includes non-productive and even counter-productive parts of society like government. For example, the new 87,000 IRS agents will be included in the GDP. Government has gone from providing a few services to the public to now owning or controlling all aspects of the economy.

Those controlling the state have very similar belief structures, and they are spreading across social media.

The new IRS agents aren’t likely to be going after the wealthy. It’s an attack on the middle class, which is what built western civilization. We’re looking at collapse and revolution, which often makes things much worse for some time. You can always get worse leadership.

The Fed believes it can fine tune the economy but the printing of money is out of control. It’s all corruption, like the ‘inflation reduction act’ spending over 400 billion dollars. It’s dangerous and criminal and turning the U.S. into a police state. Canada is no better.

The green energy movement is harming the economy and industry. It doesn’t work as the mainstay of energy production and is a complete misallocation of capital. The result will be a major lowering of living standards. They should have been taking advantage of small nuclear plants, and we would be far better off. It’s the safest and cleanest form of power generation.

Those in government are not the best and brightest and generally, they prefer to manipulate people.

All the world’s currencies are fiat paper; based on nothing. This has created numerous economic distortions that are causing bankruptcy across pensions funds and banks. There is a complete lack of critical thinking, and this begins in grade school. You should have no faith in the average voter.

It will be interesting to see who is blamed for Europe’s energy woes this winter. We may have to take two steps backwards before mankind can move ahead one again. Hopefully, these idiots in charge don’t cause World War III.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Why government is an unproductive element of society and should not be included in GDP metrics.
  • Printing and spending more money to reduce inflation.
  • Problems with the green energy movement, Europe, and why we should take advantage of nuclear.
  • The importance of developing communities with like-minded people.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:30 – Terms & GDP
4:45 – Free Market & Control
7:20 – Federal Gov’t Desperate
10:12 – Government ‘Metrics’
14:24 – Green Energy
18:35 – Incentives & Interests
21:24 – U.K. Crisis
25:25 – Europe, Ukraine, & Energy
27:35 – Reality & Propaganda
29:30 – Find Like-Minded People
32:06 – Dollar Risk & Equities
35:14 – Wrap Up

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Best-selling author, world-renowned speculator, and libertarian philosopher Doug Casey has garnered a well-earned reputation for his erudite (and often controversial) insights into politics, economics, and investment markets. Doug is widely respected as one of the preeminent authorities on “rational speculation,” especially in the high-potential natural resource sector. Doug’s most recent book, “Assassin,” can be found on Amazon.

He has been a featured guest on hundreds of radio and TV shows, including David Letterman, Merv Griffin, Charlie Rose, Phil Donahue, Regis Philbin, Maury Povich, NBC News, and CNN; has been the topic of numerous features in periodicals such as Time, Forbes, People, and the Washington Post. Doug has lived in 10 countries and visited over 175. Today you’re most likely to find him at La Estancia de Cafayate (Casey’s Gulch), an oasis tucked away in the high red mountains outside Salta, Argentina.

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