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Francis Hunt: Death of Fiat Money Means Incredible Targets for Gold, Silver, & Copper

In this episode of Palisades Gold Radio, Tom Bodrovics welcomes back Francis Hunt, also known as the Market Sniper, for a discussion on the importance of shared experiences, living deliberately beyond the financial world, and the upcoming gold and silver discussion focusing on preserving assets during monetary transition. They emphasize the significance of understanding reality, accepting limitations, and building bonds for amplified experiences. Francis discusses the current economic situation involving debt contraction and the seesaw analogy representing nation states’ debt levels and currencies. Japan’s excessive debt is predicted to cause a currency collapse, leading to significant losses for various assets, including the 30-year treasury.

Francis discusses the reasons for owning physical gold, silver, and land as means to escape both systems and maintain control over possessions. He also discuss the importance of investing in industrial metals like copper as part of an inflation hedge during currency devaluation and suggest investing in commodities while shorting debt and fiat currencies. Francis predicts that gold will reach 2897, and silver may surpass it, in a parabolic phase of financial instability. They also analyze the performance of precious metals like Platinum, which has underperformed since 2009 but could experience overperformance based on historical trends and cross-valuation.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
9:55 – Analyze & Take Action
13:32 – Resiliance & Emotions
17:07 – Debt/Fiat Contraction
19:56 – US 30Y Treasury Chart
25:25 – Own Nothing and Be?
29:23 – System Breaking & Gold
32:30 – Fed & Who Prices Debt
34:00 – Bond Rates & Control
36:05 – Gold/Dollar Chart
43:44 – 30Y Debt Reversion
46:37 – Shrinking Dollar Value
48:00 – Silver Levels & Support
53:30 – Gold/Silver Ratio
59:20 – Copper Chart
1:01:42 – Coffee Chart
1:03:48 – Gaps Down in Bull Runs
1:06:39 – UPS Parcel Chart
1:09:48 – Case For Platinum
1:19:22 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Amidst economic instability, owning physical gold, silver, and land provides control over possessions and escapes debt-based systems.
  • Platinum has underperformed since 2009 but could experience overperformance due to historical trends and cross-valuation.
  • Invest in commodities like gold, silver, and platinum while shorting debt and fiat currencies during stagflation.

Guest Links

Francis is a trader, first and foremost. Unlike most educators in the trading space, Francis walks the walk and talks the talk, with 30 years of experience trading his personal capital on various markets and instruments. Through this passion for trading and his relentless study of markets and economic theory, he uses the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology, a systemized approach, to answer the critical question: What is the next most profitable trade?

He believes the actual price of an asset is the most accurate reflection of all the factors that influence it. Practical technical analysis, the study of price action over time, is needed to formulate profitable trade ideas. Indeed, with all the market manipulation and high-frequency trading operations currently in play, technical analysis is all that can be relied upon when it comes to formulating future price trends. A trained eye can often spot such manipulative practices, as is the case with HVF traders. Therefore, the HVF methodology is based purely on technical analysis.

Francis is passionate about sharing his knowledge and understanding of markets by utilizing his HVF trading methodology. With entertaining anecdotes and the careful guidance of his students, he has already trained a large community of hundreds of traders and helped them transform from complete newbies to seasoned trading professionals.

He genuinely loves sharing his knowledge and strategies with others who are committed to finding freedom through trading. Plus, teaching strengthens his trading abilities while helping to build a vibrant community of successful traders.

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