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Francis Hunt: Silver Will be the Shooting Star

Tom welcomes Francis Hunt “The Market Sniper” back to the show.

Francis discusses the longer view on precious metals and why they should outperform again in the not too distant. The precious metals genie has been suppressed and put back in the bottle for now. He examines the technical structures on the gold chart and possible breakout scenarios.

He’s a massive fan of comparing assets to each other to find those that are underappreciated. Francis explains how they combine investing and trading to increase both their physical and cash positions. Forensically analyzing chart structures can reveal market direction. These structures are often created by insiders who are manipulating markets.

He is very bullish on silver and points out the important resistance levels like $28. We’ve been consolidating for over seven years and Francis is optimistic about silver. The gold/silver ratio is important but investors need a bit more patience before it pays off.

Platinum has been getting crushed recently and this is looking like an excellent opportunity. Platinum is normally higher than gold since it is far more scarce and difficult to mine than gold.

The U.K is experiencing problems with energy and resorting to using coal. Francis discusses the recent phenomenal break out in natural gas but cautions that investors should let it run at this point. Keep in mind you don’t have to catch all the opportunities.

Uranium is on a breakout out and he looks at the technical picture for the metal and Uranium Energy Corp. Since this latest rally, there is now room for a correction. Investors may want to consider taking some profits.

His technical approach includes watching volume since it’s a seperate dataset which is distinctly useful. He makes the case that moving averages are not that useful as they are lagging indicators of manipulated pricing.

Lastly, he discusses the chart for First Majestic and details the risks of chasing markets. It’s best to make the best of what you have and stay with quality. Avoid giving into emotion and stick to a strategy that works for you. Find your passion and what motivates you. Trading is one way to determine your strengths. Conquering your subconscious mind is key and to that end, he recommends several books.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – Gold Analysis
12:19 – Gold Re-tests
22:17 – News/Macro Factors
24:22 – Silver Technical’s
34:55 – Technical Tools
39:42 – Platinum Metals
50:15 – Natural Gas & Energy
54:11 – Uranium
59:00 – Other Indicators
1:03:05 – First Majestic
1:07:07 – Measuring Opportunity
1:13:02 – Wealth Building
1:21:27 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Precious metals and a long-term outlook.
  • Energy prices and risks with chasing markets.
  • Uranium breakout and why a pullback would be healthy.
  • Conquering your subconscious, finding your passion, and what motivates you.

Guest Links
Pure Gold Company:

Francis is a trader, first and foremost. Unlike most educators in the trading space, Francis walks the walk and talks the talk with 30 years of experience trading his personal capital on various markets and instruments. Through this passion for trading and his relentless study of markets and economic theory, he uses the Hunt Volatility Funnel trading methodology, a systemized approach, to answer the critical question: What is the next most profitable trade?

He believes the actual price of an asset is the most accurate reflection of all the factors that influence it. Practical technical analysis, the study of price action over time, is needed to formulate profitable trade ideas. Indeed, with all the market manipulation and high-frequency trading operations currently in play, technical analysis is all that can be relied upon when it comes to formulating future price trends. A trained eye can often spot such manipulative practices, as is the case with HVF traders. Therefore, the HVF methodology is based purely on technical analysis.

Francis is passionate about sharing his knowledge and understanding of markets by utilizing his HVF trading methodology. With entertaining anecdotes and the careful guidance of his students, he has already trained a large community of hundreds of traders and help them transform from complete newbies to seasoned trading professionals.

He genuinely loves sharing his knowledge and strategies with others who are committed to finding freedom through trading. Plus, teaching strengthens his trading abilities while helping to build a vibrant community of successful traders.

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