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Gary Savage: Silver Manipulation is Starting to Break

Tom welcomes a new guest to the show, Gary Savage. Gary is a Retired Entrepreneur and Investor.

Gary discusses the broader equity markets and why the S&P is signaling another leg-up culminating, he expects in a parabolic blow-off melt-up phase. If we have an intermediate decline in equities, it will be further out, perhaps 30-40 days.

The recent moves in Bitcoin are typical of a bubble market, and he anticipates a long-sell-off and bottoming period. The further something gets stretched, the bigger the reversion to the mean. Human nature causes people to imagine higher targets every time a dip recovers. This guarantees people get caught when a bubble pops.

Hex expects a few more months and likely another retest of the 200 day MA for gold before it makes another significant leg-up.

The Fed wants to control when and where inflation moves, and they will do whatever they can to keep inflation out of commodities. This is why trading metals is often tricky, as they are regularly manipulated. They will try to keep the inflation contained within the stock markets.

Technical Analysis can be complex when markets move in surprising ways due to manipulation, but the long-term trend usually holds.

Silver is showing considerable strength, and he expects an eventual break out in the metal. Manipulators are having an increasingly difficult time as physical prices push the market.

Gary gives some advice on how to play market cycles and why you want to be cautious of using leverage in this market. Lastly, Gary gives us his thoughts on the commodities markets and where they should head from here. He advises long-term investors to consider buying physical metal, and if you want to speculate, then trade the ETFs.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:56 – Intermediate Decline?
2:03 – Fed Rate Hikes & Gold
2:57 – S&P/Nasdaq & Meltup
8:39 – Profits & Greed
10:18 – Bitcoin Chart
15:25 – Gold Chart
17:05 – Commodities & Dollar
18:53 – Manipulation & T.A.
20:37 – Silver Vs. Gold
24:10 – News & Noise
25:16 – Managing Risk
29:28 – Balancing Cash
30:20 – CRB Index & Oil
33:56 – Miners & ETFs
36:54 – Education Resources
38:27 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Expectations for the equity markets.
  • Bubble Patterns and Blow-Off Tops
  • US Dollar outlook and Federal Reserve
  • Commodity outlook, energy, and metals.

Guest Links

Gary Savage is a retired entrepreneur living in Las Vegas. He has been investing in stocks and commodities for 15+ years. Gary is a self-made multi-millionaire and attributes his financial success to savvy investments made in owning/selling several businesses, real estate, and, more recently, the stock market. He is also a national Judo, powerlifting, and Olympic weightlifting champion and world record holder. Gary holds national titles in 3 different sports and continues to challenge himself as an avid rock climber, and recently his newest endeavor bowling (two perfect 300 games so far).

Gary’s renown as a recognized trading/investment expert in the areas of precious metals, stock market, oil, and currency markets is demonstrated by his numerous internationally published articles in these market areas: Kitco, 24hGold, Gold-Eagle, Investing, 321Gold, Keyport, SilverSeek, TFMetalsReport, FuturesMag, ResourceInvestor, Silver-Phoenix, BayStreetBlog, BeforeItsNews, ETFDailyNews, TalkMarkets, JuniorMiningAnalyst, MarketOracle.UK, SafeHaven, GoldSeek, Mining, CommodityOnline, SilverMarketNewsOnline, StreetWiseReports, and InvestingNews.

Gary publishes the Smart Money Tracker, a daily and weekend market newsletter available online by subscription only, at a very modest price. This subscription-only site provides Gary’s in-depth daily commentary and chart analysis of numerous markets, including the stock, precious metals, oil, and currency markets.

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