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George Glasier: Cracks Beginning To Appear With Uranium Utilities

George agrees with David Cates on the possibility of a new uranium super cycle. He thinks its pretty clear, there will be an uptick in the industry as no one can make money in the twenty dollar range. Lots of projects are in the pipeline, but companies need higher prices before they commit to developing production. Clearly there will be some major shortages, before demand can be met.

Once utilities begin contracting again for long term supply, they may find it scarce. Many of these longer term contracts are expiring and are likely to be negotiated for higher prices.

George is CEO of Western Uranium, and says if the price keeps improving they will be ready to go into production with their Sunday mine complex. They are also looking into acquiring several additional projects that can take advantage of their ablation technology.

Some of their utility customers seem to be getting a little nervous and are beginning to recognize that there could be delivery problems in the future.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode:
• George agrees that a new market cycle has likely begun for uranium.
• Some utilities are expressing concerns about contract delivery.
• Prices will have to go higher before production can begin.
• Western Uranium is looking at being listed on larger Canadian and US Exchanges.

Mr. George E. Glasier is President, Chief Executive Officer & Director at Western Uranium Corp. He is on the Board of Directors at Western Uranium Corp. Mr. Glasier was previously employed as Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer by American Strategic Minerals Corp., President, CEO & Director-Investor Relations by Energy Fuels, Inc., Vice President-Sales & Marketing by Energy Fuels Corp., and President by Silver Hawk Ltd.

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