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Jaime Carrasco: Global Reset to Include Gold & Silver Backing

Tom welcomes back to the show forward thinker Jaime Carrasco of Canaccord Genuity. Jaime discusses how liberating and thankful he is to be working for an independent firm that doesn’t censor his speech. We live in a dystopian world, and it’s important to inform clients what the future may hold.

He discusses the differences in the two portfolios that he manages. He explains their approach to weight and rebalancing these portfolios. He discusses the outstanding returns they have obtained thru Hive Blockchain.

Jaime discusses gold manipulation and why investors need to gain exposure via assets that have leverage to gold. Precious metals are going to perform similarly to blockchain assets and companies. Governments are heavily and debt with no way of paying it back. You want to be in the lifeboat when the financial Titanic sinks.

Jaime explains how patience is vital when building your positions in gold. He’s been buying producers and some explorers on market pullbacks.

The consequences of all this money printing are occurring regardless of what is being publicly stated. These debt levels can’t continue, and we see the destruction wrought from a retracting economy. Buy right, sit tight and be patient.

He believes the blockchain will continue to grow, which is essential because a decentralized world will bring real solutions: replacing the banking system itself. We’re moving into uncertain times, and the system will change dramatically, and there will be many structural ramifications.

He wonders, “Will the global system unravel faster than they can implement change?” This is why Central Banks are talking about a reset and pushing paper to suppress gold. The big concern is what will happen to the dollar and what that will mean for gold.

Jaime discusses Endeavour and First Majestic holding back production and why it’s a great strategy. There seems to be an increasingly global impact on silver supplies and mint shortages brought in part by retail demand.

All we can do as investors hedge ourselves and watch what those in charge do and not what they say. It’s going to be interesting to see what breaks next. The financial system has always been rebuilt around gold in some fashion. Jaime says, “Hedge accordingly in gold, silver, and blockchain.”

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
2:23 – Dystopian Investing
10:33 – Gold Markets and Patience
14:17 – Current Bitcoin Cycle
20:10 – Inflation is Inevitable
21:50 – Yellen & Taxation
25:53 – Currencies, Gold, & Dollar
29:43 – Silver Squeeze
32:05 – Catalysts for Gold?
34:47 – Paper Leverage & Silver
38:39 – Concluding Thoughts
40:07 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Dystopian world & free speech.
  • Gold Manipulation & Exposure to Mining Sector.
  • Consequences of Money Printing & Central Banking.
  • Gold, Silver, Blockchain. Hedge accordingly.

Guest Links:

Jaime Carrasco is portfolio manager at Canaccord Genuity Inc. in Toronto. From 2014-2018 he worked as Director of Wealth Management and Associate Portfolio Manager for ScotiaMcLeod. Before this, he worked for Macquarie Group, CIBC Wood Gundy, BMO Nesbitt Burns, Gordon Capital, and Merrill Lynch.

Jaime is a leading Canadian investment professional with 25 years of experience providing wealth management and investment counsel to affluent families, businesses, and institutions. He has garnered a reputation for questioning and challenging the status quo and exploring the most innovative investment strategies.

Jaime, whose mother tongue is Spanish, also speaks Italian and French. He completed a BA in political science and economics at the University of Toronto in 1988. While a student, he worked for CS Yacht, a company that built luxury sailboats, thus spending his summers as a skipper for the Canadian establishment members. Jaime credits this experience and having survived sailing through Hurricane Bob in 1991. This experience taught him lessons that have become a metaphor for his financial investment strategies.

“Like one’s financial wealth, sailing is not about controlling the wind, but rather about adjusting the sails.”

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