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Jeb Handwerger: High Grade Discoveries Will Move Markets

Jeb has been in the mining sector for nearly twenty-five years. He says, “The mid-1990s for gold felt much the same as last year where sentiment was extremely poor and the last couple of years have felt like seller capitulation.” Instead of getting involved in the tech sector he learned mathematics, engineering, and mining.

There is a considerable base going back to the highs in 2011. This past summer we have seen a bit of rally, and it looks like we are preparing for a big break-out. Recently we have seen the Fed begin to change course and consider lowering interest rates.

Uranium is a space that tries and tests investors. It is another hated metal that requires a lot of patience and has made many false break-outs. Mines are closing while the demand for uranium continues to grow in emerging economies. It’s hard to find companies that can be profitable at this price level, most of them are struggling with debt, and many explorers are a long ways from developing new mines.

Jeb discusses what to watch for when investing in juniors. He says, “Be careful of overly promoted opportunities as they may be overbought. Listen to the people that are making money in this market and follow those that can finance projects and have good track records.”

We’re in the late phase of an economic growth cycle. We see mergers in gold which is a sign of a bull market. There is likely to be a considerable rotation back into precious metals soon as debt levels continue to increase. He cautions that soon, the dollar could roll-over.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Jeb’s background in mining.
1:30 – Sentiment repeating.
3:30 – Technicals setup for gold rally.
5:30 – Uranium long-term investment potential.
7:00 – Finding good uranium companies.
8:40 – What companies need to move in this market.
9:30 – Junior mining what to look for.
12:00 – Lithium, cobalt and graphite.
13:00 – Economic outlook, the Fed and the dollar.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Gold feels like it’s getting ready for a big breakout.
• Lithium, cobalt, and graphite are forgotten opportunities.
• We are in the late phase of an economic growth cycle.
• What to watch for in opportunities.
• The US Dollar could roll-over soon.

Jeb Handwerger is an author, speaker, and founder of Gold Stock Trades. He studied engineering and mathematics at the University of Buffalo and earned a master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University. In 2014, Jeb was the first to highlight the top two performers of the Best OTCQX 50. Handwerger began investing in junior mining equities in the late 90s, avoiding the dot-com crash. In early 2009, in the depths of the credit crisis, Handwerger started the Gold Stock Trades website for investors to become more aware of exciting developments in mining and natural resources. You can subscribe to his Newsletter at

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