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Marin Katusa: America is Entering a Boom Phase

Tom welcomes Marin Katusa back to the show to discuss his new book “The Rise of America.”

Marin discusses what led him to write the book, and within it, he tries to summarize his worldview. The book explains some controversial subjects that most other writers won’t touch. Marin points out that you should play the hand you’re dealt, not the one you want. Investors need to break down and understand what is going on globally.

He discusses some history lessons, including those from the Fed and what occurred after World War II. Many people are overgeneralizing the fiscal and monetary position of the United States. This book will make a lot of people uncomfortable because of its different perspective. There are many tools that the Fed can still deploy before the need for MMT.

America remains geographically positioned to dominate, and he says, “America’s best days are yet to come.” Surprisingly, Biden has largely kept the course on Trump’s direction with China while repairing relations with Europe.

He explains the reasons for inflation and deflation across assets, along with the incredible amounts of stimulus. Those at the Fed do understand the system and are managing it reasonably effectively.

Mathematically gold and the dollar can both climb together. Sectors like resources and green energy are likely to outperform in the coming MMT environment. There is a momentum shift coming, not unlike the post-WWII period. Many asset classes will see vast inflows of capital, while others will be regulated and taxed.

He outlines the risks that companies are not factoring in the coming carbon emission taxes and future regulations. He argues that green energy has the low-risk profile of a utility while having massive potential upside.

He says, “If your willing to have your framework challenged, I give a very strong evidence based framework from being a player in the resource world, this will make a lot of people uncomfortable.”

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:33 – His New Book
5:01 – Macro Thesis
10:44 – MMT/FMC
16:45 – US Debt and Dollars
18:50 – Money Velocity
22:05 – Asset Classes to Watch
28:14 – Green Energy Barrels
35:14 – Gold Cycle Thoughts
37:03 – Controversial Narrative
40:24 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Marin’s thesis is embodied in his new book.
  • Historic lessons of the Fed and the US Government.
  • Why America will continue to dominate.
  • Commodities and risk and opportunities in green energy.

Guest Links:
New Book:

Marin Katusa is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Colder War. Over the last two decades, he has become the largest independent financier in the resource sector globally.

Katusa has visited over 500 resource projects in over 100 countries. His insights have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, and CNBC. He publishes his unique resource strategies and research at

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