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Mark O’Byrne: Protecting Wealth in a Cashless Society with Gold & Silver

Tom welcomes Mark O’Byrne back to the show. Mark is the Founder of Health Wealth Gold.

Mark O’Byrne, a precious metals expert, sees value in gold and silver as insurance against various risks, including internet shutdowns and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) technology. He emphasizes that governments with extensive powers can threaten individuals’ finances, especially in a cashless society. While cryptocurrencies offer an alternative digital gold, O’Byrne warns of the risks associated with digital assets.

Internet shutdowns, which have occurred in democratic countries like India to control narratives and dissent, can disrupt financial systems, including Bitcoin, gold ETFs, and digital gold platforms. Although off-chain transactions are possible for some Bitcoin users, they aren’t viable for many. The vulnerability of digital assets highlights the importance of physical assets like gold and silver in a diversified portfolio.

O’Byrne also discusses potential government restrictions or bans on certain technologies, such as Bitcoin, due to concerns about backdoors into devices. He suggests that most assets are now accessed via usernames and passwords, creating risks if there are vulnerabilities in digital platforms.

The expert also cautions against assuming a global financial crisis and bail-ins are inevitable, noting the importance of understanding the complexities of these issues. In recent times, there has been a significant increase in gold and silver bullion products from new private mints globally, leading to high inventories and decreased premiums for non-legal tender bullion products like silver and gold rounds. However, O’Byrne observes an uptick in demand for both metals and anticipates positive fundamentals for silver due to declining production in Mexico and Peru and increasing international demand.

Despite some concerns about silver stackers potentially selling their holdings when the price reaches $30 per ounce, O’Byrne remains optimistic about the future of silver. He advises investors to take profits instead of waiting for unpredictable price targets set by gurus and suggests following him on Twitter or LinkedIn for updates on his research and insights into the gold and silver markets.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:52 – Interconnected World
5:18 – Digital Asset Risks
8:08 – Cash During a Crisis
11:40 – Censorship & Control
20:22 – Bank Failure Risks
27:47 – New Mints & Bullion
34:42 – ETF Inventories
36:12 – Bullion Banks
39:12 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Mark recommends gold and silver as insurance against risks like internet shutdowns, EMP technology, and cashless society threats.
  • Governments may restrict or ban certain technologies like Bitcoin due to concerns about digital platform vulnerabilities; physical assets remain crucial in diversified portfolios.
  • Despite potential for a silver sell off around $30 per ounce, O’Byrne observes increased demand and positive fundamentals.

Guest Links:

Mark O’Byrne is one of the leading authorities on silver and gold internationally with a high profile in social media & mainstream media having appeared on RTE, CNBC, Bloomberg and most Irish and international print, radio and tv media.

He founded GoldCore, Ireland’s largest gold and silver broker in 2003 and exited in 2020 after his team and he had made it Ireland’s largest gold broker and storage provider. GoldCore became a respected gold bullion specialist internationally with over 20,000 clients in over 140 countries and over €1 billion in sales.

History was his degree and he has a lifelong interest in monetary history and gold and silver and their role in protecting people from currency devaluations, the decline of nations and Empires, economic collapse and wars throughout history. He has dedicated much of the past two decades of his life helping people understand our financial and monetary and systems and how a few actions can help people, families, communities and nations take control of their lives and become resilient and sovereign.

After exiting GoldCore, he set up Health Wealth Gold in which he consulted and advised individuals, families, companies and communities on how to prepare for the coming economic challenges and the so called “Great Reset”.

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