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Matt Geiger: Opportunities Abound, How To Find Them? Gold, Uranium, and Phosphates

Matt feels that 2017 will be a lucrative year, as we have seen the bottoming of the bear market. Uranium appears to have reached it’s bottom in early December. We are in the beginning of a new uranium bull market which should last for three to four years. The agriculture minerals are under-invested and phosphates may be a straight forward play.

Matt thinks that the juniors are going to continue to do well through 2019. If you have an opportunity to take part in private placements, this is a good way to improve your performance. There is no reason to buy common shares in a market like this and he is surprised more investors are not interested in these opportunities.

Evaluating management is key to investing regardless of the stage a company is at. You need people that have already been successful, as mineral exploration is a very risky endeavor. There seems to be a dis-proportionate amount of discoveries done by certain groups of people.

Mr. Geiger likes the prospect generator model which is his preferred method to evaluate exploration companies. He tells us about the three different metrics that he relies on. Matt also discusses various benchmarks for development plays and what he likes to see.

Appia Energy is a great story, Matt expects a massive run and is most interested in the results of the exploration they are doing at their Loranger property. He’s confident that they will find a sizable uranium deposit and in the management team itself.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode:
• This is the start of the uranium bull market.
• The benefits of private placement and warrants is discussed
• How to judge the performance of warrants.
• Uranium is a good optionality play.

Mr. Geiger is Managing Partner at MJG Capital which is a limited partnership specializing in long-term natural resource investments. They adhere to bottom-up security analysis and maintain a long-only portfolio of resource equities. The partnership adheres to a bottom-up security analysis within the context of four ongoing macroeconomic themes: global food scarcity, global fuel/energy scarcity, regional water scarcity, and the emerging world’s infrastructure build out. Their holdings include explorers, developer and producers of energy, industrial, precious and agricultural minerals and metals.

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