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Michael Gayed: Fed Has Destroyed All Stores of Value

Tom welcomes returning guest Michael Gayed, Portfolio Manager at Toroso Asset Management, to the show. Michael is the author and publisher of the Lead-Lag Report.

He explains what most investors mean when they discuss risk on or off markets. There are historical leading indicators and his whitepapers help investors understand where volatility will occur. Everything is a leading indicator in some form and interest rates drive the entire captital system. It really is indicative of either inflation or deflation.

He watches the behavior of utilities and treasauries to determine market conditions. They evaluate the signals every week and adjust their weighting and they were able to avoid declines in March 2020. They were able to take advantage of their system to get outsized returns during that period.

Utilites are a very unique sector because its both highly regulated and they are often very highly levered companies. This results in utilities being highly sensitive to changes in performance. They will outperform often because everything else is doing poorly.

There has been a big move toward from growth to value stocks and materials. Utilities may be beginning to bottom out and lumber may have topped out. If lumber begins weakening housing may weaken and demand may be dropping. Many people believe stimulus will continue the melt up but often the market does the opposite of what the crowd believes. There could be some sort of counter-rally that will surprise a lot of people.

If we have inflation without inflation coming to wages then we will have more unrest and market uncertainty. There is very real dangers to the system considering the wage gaps.

Gold from a strategic perspective makes sense since diversification in this environment is very hard to achieve. Gold may be better than bonds and this explains part of the demand for gold and crypto.

Copper is about industrial demand and infrastructure. He expects to see continued upward pressure on copper and it seems like the cure for copper is higher prices.

He discusses yields and credit spreads and what to watch for in the treasury markets. The Fed doesn’t want rates to rise too quickly or we risk widespread debt issues. Michael argues that the most sensable thing they could do is to hike rates. Controlling yields have all sorts of negative implications. He argues that rampant money printing and excess debt by the Fed is enriching the wealthy and bringing out the worst in humanity. The very fabric of society is becoming at risk.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:32 – Risk On/Off Strategies
2:53 – Mutual Funds & Money Demand
5:40 – Utility Sector Sensitivity
7:46 – Current Market Indications
10:16 – A Deflationary Trade
12:22 – Inflation & CPI Metrics
14:23 – Hedging With Gold
15:55 – Copper & Commodities
17:07 – Yields & Credit Spreads
19:34 – Fed & Rising Rates
22:47 – Banks & Lending
24:15 – Australia & YCC
25:30 – Convertible Bonds
26:49 – 1.9 Trillion Stimulus
30:29 – Unintended Consequences|\]\
34:42 – Scarcity & Liquidity
39:48 – Stores of Value
41:52 – Concluding Thoughts

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode

  • Risk in markets and volatility.
  • Utilities and Treasuries as indicators.
  • Gold and actual diversification
  • Fed actions yields and credit spreads.

Guest Links:

Michael A. Gayed, CFA is Portfolio Manager at Toroso Asset Management, an award winning author and publisher of The Lead-Lag Report.

Michael is respected as an award-winning, results-oriented Investment Manager showcasing 15 years of successfully executing initiatives that result in significant revenue growth. He is known for identifying and implementing various investment strategies to capture market anomalies while maintaining a business mindset beyond portfolio management.

Michael offers a proven track record of evaluating business/investment opportunities, quickly understanding market dynamics and relationships that few tend to focus on. He is also an out-of-the-box thinker committed to strengthening organizations’ financial performance through dedicated hard work and a passion for investing.

He is a graduate of (Cum Laude) NYU Stern School of Business with a Double Major in Finance & Management and has a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Management. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst from the CFA Institute.

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