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Palisade Radio Precious Metals Market Update w/ Jordan Roy-Byrne, The Daily Gold – 9/24/14

Be on alert for a rebound in the precious metals sector. Jordan is looking for a rebound, looking at The Hubert Gold Newsletter Sentiment Index, that tracks gold related newsletter that are more oriented towards trading and investing. This index have gone very negative and is almost at -50%, which would say you should be 50% short in your investments. Jordan thinks this might not be as important, although we are seeing negative sentiments, the short term trend could reverse itself. Silver broke to a new bear market low recently, Jordan says silver is forming a reversal, and we could have a rebound in the market in the next few days or weeks. Gold didn’t get as oversold as silver during the the last price correction, and could rally over the next few weeks, but could remain in a downtrend over time. The GDXJ, HUI, GDX and the SIL index also gets discussed and compared by Jordan, where he thinks we might see rally in the miners.

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