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Patrick Karim: Gold and Silver Reveal Fiat Fraud

Welcome back to the show, Patrick Karim! To start, Patrick asks, “Why is gold going up if it’s so useless?” He shows a yearly gold chart which reduces a lot of the noise and remarks that we have been consolidating above the 2012 neckline for some time and are in a period of purchasing power decline even more acute than that of the 1970s. The chart he shows compares housing priced in gold for a single family home and reveals that in terms of gold ounces, houses are actually flat or perhaps slightly cheaper, thereby destroying the illusion of value in terms of fiat currency. By contrasting commodities against each other, much more stable patterns can be seen.

Karim outlines the bullish outlook for uranium and highlights the past outstanding performance of Cameco, but emphasizes the importance of taking time to do personal research to interpret technical charts – emphasising that these can be spun in various ways with different time frames. He maintains that technicals can give one an edge, but it’s necessary to do your own work.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:20 – Self Censorship
4:05 – Gold Long-Term View
10:52 – Gold The Bear Case
17:37 – Housing in Gold
21:03 – Fiat/Silver Vs. Crude
23:20 – Different Perspectives
27:33 – Heat Map & Sectors
31:40 – Energy Vs. Tech
34:30 – Uranium Outlook
41:00 – Cameco Vs. Nasdaq
44:26 – Technicals & Volume
52:00 – Trends & Exits
58:14 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Gold consolidating above the 2012 neckline, indicating increasing purchasing power.
  • Comparing commodities reveals more stable patterns.
  • Always do personal research to interpret technical charts.

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Patrick Karim is a proprietary capital manager and chart trader since 2006. Patrick’s background in commerce, psychology, and an ongoing career in systems engineering has allowed him to evaluate trading scenarios systematically.

His psychology background helps him understand the human factor: overcoming stress, which is mostly responsible for maintaining a successful career.

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