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Rick Rule – Listener Q&A – Part Two: Patience And Perspective in Silver & Juniors Will Be Rewarded

Tom welcomes back the legendary investor Rick Rule to answer more Palisade Radio listener questions. Rick emphasizes the importance of personal due diligence in financial responsibility, recommending readers to understand what offers mean for their future before trusting others.

In terms of silver, Rick notes that while it has potential, its low price and lack of price movement have disillusioned many investors. However, he believes that silver’s bad reputation provides an opportunity for patient investors who are able to handle its volatility.

Rick also touched on the risks associated with investing in silver equities, particularly for newly minted companies. He highlighted the risk of nationalization using Mexican and Canadian silver miners as examples. However he suggests that governments may resort to more subtle measures such as taxes rather than direct theft.

Rick touches on Blackrock and Sprott but notes that they only act as proxies for shareholders.

Rick believes that short syndicates have a better understanding of valuation and the market than regulators, and argues that their function is beneficial. He suggests that those distressed about shorts should push back against them on social media and potentially initiate a short squeeze.

Moving to uranium, Rick outlined his impressions of the market outlook for the next 6-10 years. He noted that while the easy money has been made, the structural deficit in supply offers opportunities for significant gains in the near term.

Rick emphasized the importance of striving to become the best one can be, rather than solely focusing on making money. He stressed the value of personal development and encouraging a mindset of delivering value and utility to customers.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:10 – Banks & Books
3:32 – Experts & Responsibility
5:40 – Physical Markets & Paper
7:35 – Oil Exporters & Dollar
10:02 – Silver Usage & Outlook
19:38 – Silver & Gold Bull Mkt.
21:57 – Nationalization Risks
26:48 – Blackrock Holdings
28:39 – Eric Sprott & Shorts
34:27 – Speculator or Salesman
36:45 – Uranium Market Outlook
41:05 – Fukushima & Exits
46:15 – Uranium Availability
47:47 – Nuclear & New Tech
49:30 – Fueling & Financing
51:08 – Invest In Yourself
54:20 – Shift In Thinking
57:45 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Rick suggests that readers focus on investing in themselves rather than money, and that when they deliver value and utility to customers, the money will follow.
  • Outlook for uranium miners and the ability for the world to source more uranium.
  • Rick encourages those interested in silver and gold investments to remain patient and to keep their love in perspective, as those who hold their investments in the metal are likely to experience life-changing outcomes.

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Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. Besides the knowledge and experience gained in a long and focused career, he has a global network of contacts in the natural resources and finance sectors.

Mr. Rule is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is regularly interviewed for radio, television, print, and online media outlets concerning natural resources investment and industry topics. Prominent natural resources-oriented newsletters and advisories frequently quote him. Mr. Rule and his team have expertise in many resource sectors, including agriculture, alternative energy, forestry, oil and gas, mining, and water.

Mr. Rule is particularly active in private placement markets, having originated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public, and public companies.

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