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Rick Rule: My Philosophy on Business, Politics & Friendship

Our very favorite guest, Mr. Rick Rule, is on the show this week. Mr. Rule is chairman of Sprott US Holdings, an expert on the natural resource industry, in which he has participated in for 40 years, and where he has been extremely successful. Rick is an avid advocate of personal freedom, and along with Doug Casey tirelessly speaking to how we can all achieve more wealth and a more free life. Rick also revealed his plans of a PR-stunt involving using government social security money.

Takeaways from this interview with Rick Rule:

● Rick thinks the junior resource sector is too cheap to stay cheap! Listen to his explanation on why year 2015 will be “the year it couldn’t get any better…”

● Why speculators should look to silver, and concerned people should buy gold

● Rick’s thoughts on the renewables sector, which boasts large opportunities, and one little company that is taking advantage of this…

● Comparing the billionaires of the past to today – why we live in the easiest time in history to make a fortune

● How Rick will set up a family foundation – and how he will do a PR-stunt, involving using government social security money

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