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Tom Luongo: Can Russia Kill the Great Reset?

Tom welcomes to the program a different Tom named Tom Luongo, this one comes with slightly more hair. Mr. Luongo used to be good at a thing called blogging back in 2003 and 2008. He has since decided to return to the public eye as he occasionally opines opinions longer than a tweet. He believes social media should be reserved exclusively for puppy and unicorn videos.

Mr. Luongo is a hard-core libertarian and believes in human rights and is therefore against war as a matter of principle. Wars support the state and they are the worst possible outcome of human interaction. The Ukraine war is full of disinformation and bias from the media and as always the first casualty in war is the truth. Russia appears to generally be less biased in its reporting. The Russians feel this is the least bad action they can take regarding Ukraine at this time.

Misinformation is information with the intent to mislead whereas disinformation can just be incorrect information. All information needs to be examined with a critical eye and the motivations of the source should be questioned.

Much of the world has underestimated Putin largely due to incompetence. Power tends to make politicians lazy. However, when you don’t have a lot of power, you have to be cautious. Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, is an excellent diplomat who has garnered the respect of many countries.

Putin wanted a multi-polar world with plenty of co-operation around Russian interests. The West has failed to listen and they naively, believed they could win in Ukraine and place missiles on the Russian border.

Our Western governments are working for foreign actors, namely the Davos World Economic Forum. These people are driving policy and damaging the West. These European interests want to see the United States weakened or destroyed. They need the rule of law in the United States to collapse so they can have implemented their great transnational superstate reset. They know if they can destroy Russia, then they can then take on China.

Tom explains how Putin was able to clean up and restructure Russia over the past two decades. Russia has benefitted greatly from the hard times creating quality people. They have built up a massive war chest because they are a leading exporter of many commodities.

Putin understands the importance of taking advantage of your opponent’s weakness. He will likely back a new domestic ruble with gold. He may then allow backchannel financial systems like cryptocurrencies. Life remains fairly normal in Russia, with most of the panic and problems being international. Russia has weathered far worse situations.

The financial system is breaking down and the Davos crowd is desperate. The entire world is built on a foundation of paper gold as a means to lever everything. Russia is capable of forcing financial discipline on the entire world and we’re getting close to the next act in this drama playing out.

The Europeans hope to create a quagmire for Russia, but it probably won’t work. The Eurodollar futures curve is going flat and even the Fed is likely to impose fiscal discipline. Should the U.S. raise rates, it could crush Europe.

Ukraine won’t be planting any crops because the diesel supplies have all been blown up. There is no wheat or corn futures market. A major political shakeup is coming to the U.S. Congress in November, assuming the world survives.

There is a righteous amount of anger in Russia and Ukraine needs to surrender quickly or politicians will be swinging from lamp posts. Those in power in Ukraine are receiving very bad advice from Europe.

A restructuring of the financial system could be done with at most a couple of years of pain. Today, we have the choice of either a bad period or a far worse time, perhaps even starvation. Economics is blood and most of our politicians don’t even understand the basics.

The world is fracturing from the global agenda and these globalists still believe they are winning. Europe is done and they are going to be destroyed economically.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:09 – Anti-War
2:37 – Disinformation & Lies
9:16 – Mis vs. Disinformation
13:46 – Underestimating Putin
18:56 – Putin Vs. Davos
28:13 – Restructuring Russia
44:34 – Davos Desperation
52:40 – US Restructuring?
58:30 – Entitlements & Elections
1:02:57 – Gold & Hard Assets
1:09:30 – Restructuring Europe
1:11:08 – Blood, Nickel, & Tradeoffs
1:14:32 – Supply Chain & Society
1:18:00 – Global Bifurcation
1:19:34 – Alternative Views
1:28:51 – Europe is Done!
1:32:10 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • War and the destruction of truth.
  • Why the Davos crowd are desperate and why Europe is finished.
  • This is an opportunity to restructure U.S. entitlements.
  • The likely outcome for Ukraine and Russia.

Guest Links:

Tom Luongo is a Former Research Chemist, Amateur Dairy Goat Farmer, Anarcho-Libertarian, and Obstreperous Austrian Economist whose work can be found on sites like Zerohedge,, Bitcoin Magazine, and Newsmax Media.

He says, “I have a fantastic wife of 30 years and a teenage daughter, both of whom humble me with affection and respect I feel is now only mostly undeserved.”

Professionally, he has spent a lot of my waking hours inside of various analytic laboratories testing your water and soil for contaminants, or in University Research assessing how you process arsenic, where it is found, and how to get rid of it. He watched an industry be created by government fiat and destroyed in the same manner.

He ran for Florida House once and got 2.7% of the vote on Guy Fawkes Day and says “I’ve since grown up a lot.”

Then he spent 5+ years solving the puzzle of an electroless Nickel-Boron coating that has intriguing wear-resistance properties. Too bad the coating was better than the company’s business model.

After that imploded, he spent a couple of years as someone else ghostwriting more opinions on stocks and markets than any one person should have in a handful of lifetimes. The pay sucked, so quantity, folks, was key.

Today, he is the publisher of the Gold Goats ‘N Guns Newsletter in which he attempts to connect the false narratives of geopolitics to viable long-term investment theses.

He doesn’t believe the man-made global warming story is worth the electrons the peer-reviewed literature is disseminated on. Those are data sets so dirty that he wouldn’t feed them to his dogs.

As for politics, his position is well-known through his past writings at, Seeking Alpha, and the aforementioned erstwhile blogs. To sum up:

“Individuals are the only people with enough knowledge about their own lives to have a hope of making the right decisions for themselves and no amount of guidance or central planning can help that process along.”

All interactions between people should be peaceful and voluntary, free from the coercive power of the state in all its guises.

He built the house he lives in and raises goats and milks them.

In short, he says, “I’m a libertarian who distrusts all human organizations larger than a two-handed game of poker.”

He loves hockey, his family, the art of drumming, board games of all kinds, a logically consistent argument, and the beauty of spontaneous order… not necessarily in that order.

Lastly, He states “I own a few guns.”

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