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Vincent Lanci: Bitcoin Will Never Replace Gold

Tom welcomes Vincent Lanci back to the show. Vincent discusses the lack of fireworks from the Basel III banking changes. He believes these rule changes will be good for most investors because there will be less hedging. However, these changes will be worse for mid-sized institutions. These rules have been coming into effect over several years, so it should not be a big surprise to anyone.

Vincent discusses his educational and informative daily market summary called “The Gold Fix.”

Technical analysis is portrayed as a science, but it’s more of subjective art. So investors need to understand this and conduct appropriate risk management. Without understanding the risks, many new investors will have losses. He’s trying different teaching approaches and believes he has a solid strategy to help new investors become good traders.

Large funds and institutions aren’t able to respond to the market conditions as quickly as smaller traders. However, when big funds change course, you have to get out of the way. You need to find an edge and what these players don’t have today is flexibility. Managing risk is an edge because most retail investors are just buying the highs and selling the lows.

In the last week, gold has started to ignore the weak bond market and move upwards. Right now, he is looking for confirmation of why gold is moving. However, the precious metal markets may be changing their behavior.

He believes large investors of Bitcoin are now investing some of their holdings in banks like JP Morgan. Banks now have clients that are involved in Bitcoin. Gold could now become a diversification tool for Bitcoin profits.

He gives some key advice on why investors should hold some Bitcoin, especially if you have gold.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
0:33 – Basel III
4:12 – Gold Fix & Educating
7:39 – T.A. “Science”
10:07 – Important Lessons
17:51 – Gold Markets
20:53 – Bitcoin Diversification
23:40 – Gold Vs. Bitcoin
28:54 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Thoughts on Basel III
  • His daily educational report “The Gold Fix.”
  • Changes occurring in the gold markets.
  • Is Bitcoin becoming a strategic asset?

Guest Links:

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  3. Zerohedge Contributions:
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Vincent Lanci is the Owner and Founder of Echobay Partners LLC. and is a regular contributor on ZeroHedge.

In 2018 Vince was honored to be a part of Market Wizard Larry Benedict’s Opportunistic Trader project as precious metals and Option expert. In addition, in 2017, Mr. Lanci and Professor Robert Biolsi co-authored Forecasting Oil and Natural Gas Volatility for UCONN.

From 2004-2008, Mr. Lanci was Co-Head of Metals & Energy Trading for CiS Options LLC, Echobay’s predecessor, where he ran the long-short and vol-arb portfolios for CiS’s parent fund and generated $103MM during that time.

From 1993-2003 Vince owned and operated Berard Capital LLC option market makers. In 2000 he co-founded Whentech with David Wender, where he was the chief architect of the “Pit-Trader” user interface. Between 1987-1993 he gained experience at Lehman Bros and Cooper Neff. Mr. Lanci contributes to Zerohedge, BBG, and RTRS. He has paneled at Mondo Visione, NYC Mines & Money conferences, and is a champion of level investor playing fields.

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